Saturday, August 28, 2010

Je ne veux pas aller!

Going abroad and leaving everyone/thing you have grown accustomed to for twenty years is hard.  I was at dinner with my Dad tonight and I was thinking, "the next time I will be in a restaurant, the people at the table next to me will be having their conversation in French..." That thought alone sent the butterflies in my stomach into over drive.

I think this feeling is really only something that someone who has done something like this before can feel. Going to college is sort of like this, but really leaving yourself and your identity behind and going to a foreign country where they don't speak your language is terrifying.  I know that future AJ will look back on this blog post and won't be able to remember the feeling of dread and terror that I have right now.  And that excites me.  But at the same time I can't shake it.  It is going to be the time of my life, but I just can't imagine how much I am going to change.

I think the thing that is getting to me the most is the fact that I won't see my friends or family until December (friends that aren't going to be in Paris/Europe that is).  My Dad and Step Mom have tickets out in February and my Grandma in May.  So I won't see anyone until I come home for Winter break.  They are going to have Thanksgiving without me.  They are going to have Halloween without me.  They are going to have Labor Day without me.  But I will be doing things without them too.
As I write this, I am talking to a friend in Rome.  We are planning our trips to come see each other.  Thanks to the VC, I have friends all over Europe this year.  Anni and Kristin in England, Amara in Spain, Michelle in Scotland, Miles in Germany, the list goes on.

I will see you all in France!

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