Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Pour quoi je ne deteste pas SciencesPo

Ok, so here is the blog post my family is going to love the most.  Mainly because it means that they get to tell me "I told you so" but also because I hope it will ease any worries they have had about me since being here.

I don't actually hate this school as much as I thought.  I have two full weeks of class left and I am finding out my grades.  In my Professions Politiques class I did surprisingly well.  I got a 14, 15 and at minimum a 16 on my three pieces of work that I get graded on.  I have to say I am surpsied not only because I did well but because this stuff was all in French.  I am fairly certain that my professor took pity on me because I am not a native French speaker, but what ever, I'll take what ever break I can get.

In my Law class, so far I have received a 13 and a 17 on the two items I've turned in on time.  I am still waiting on the two things that I screwed up the dates on.  I am a little worried because I e-mailed my professor the work on Sunday night and she hasn't e-mailed me back.  I sent her an e-mail just making sure she did get it.

In my French Defense Policy class, I haven't gotten any grades back, but my final paper for that course is due tomorrow.  After I turn that in, I will have finished all of my work for that class. That means for both my French Defense Policy and my Professions Politiques course I have nothing left to do except for just show up.

In my Social History of the US course, we have two things we are graded on.  We have our midterm and our final exam.  I wasn't in class last week because Nick and I were on our way to Amsterdam, but I e-mailed my professor and he told me that I got a 15/20.  Oh, I should mention that every one of the grades that I have gotten have been out of twenty.

The French grading system is so stupid, but I think I have kind of gotten the hang of it.  If you get a 15 or higher, you are sitting pretty.  A 15 is a solid A.  I think a 13 or higher is some kind of A.  An 11 or 12 would be like a B and a 10 is a C.  Anything lower than a C is a no pass, so I guess they don't really do the whole D thing in this country.

Good news is I haven't gotten below a 13 on anything!  So that's why I don't hate SciencesPo as much as I thought I did.

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