Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Les Kebabs

I don't understand why Kebab stands are not everywhere in America.  They are amazing.  Don't get me wrong, I love the crepe stands here, but holy god are kebabs good.  And as luck would have it there is a kebab café (although that makes it sounds grander than it actually is) right next to the Laundromat where I dry my clothes.

Tonight I felt it was time to wash my sheets, so I stuck them in our washer.  While our washer is both a washer and a dryer, as a dryer it really sucks.  So instead of waiting about an hour and a half to get semi damp sheets out of it, I decided to take it to that laundromat and dry it for one euro.  That one euro gets you nine minutes of dry time, but those dryers are nuclear powered so it works really well.  (No they actually aren't nuclear powered...)

So anyway, I decided to get some dinner while I was waiting for my sheets to dry.  I walked over to Kebab Sali and talked to the guy.  He was huddled up in the back of the restaurant (again I am making it sound much grander than it is) with a portable radiator right next to his legs.  I had met him a few times and we kind of talked a little bit.

The first time I went there was a few weeks ago, when a different man was working behind the counter.  The guy that served me my food tonight was there, but I think he was just hanging out.  Anyway, the main guy (I think he is the owner?) asked me where I was from and I told him America.  He went off on how great America was and the differences between the people in Europe and Americans.  He told me he used to live in Montreal and that he much prefers the people there to the people here.  I was just thinking "Wow! I can understand what he is saying to me even though he is speaking French!"

I've been back a few times since, everytime always talking with the guys behind the counter.  When the main guy works he just goes "Salut American!  Ça va?!"  And the best part about it is that they hook me up with some extra fries.  And usually some more of the kebab meat (which is the best meat I've had in France).

Tonight the guy and I were talking as usual.  I found out that he is Algerian and that he has never had alcohol.  He also said he doesn't eat pork, so I am fairly confident he is muslim.  But he also told me that he has never had a girlfriend since being in France.  If I understood him right, he said that he wants me to bring a friend over to introduce him to so he can marry an American.  I told him maybe...

Needless to say I am going to go back to that kebab place quite often.

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