Monday, November 8, 2010

Mes amis vont venir!

This has been the season of friends visiting.  First was Anni, then Nick and Carolyn, and now Nicki and Maddy.  I couldn't be happier to see people from home here in Paris.  It makes it a lot easier and reminds me of what an amazing life I have to go back to!

Although I have been having more fun here.  Yesterday my roommate made a faux thanksgiving dinner.  We're too poor to afford Turkey, so she got a chicken.  It may have been a mind trick, but when all cooked, it definitely tasted like turkey.  And it was a legitimate faux Thanksgiving.  We had stuffing (she actually cooked it in the body cavity), cranberry sauce, mashed potatoes, cooked veggies.  True to form though, the appetizers and desserts were a bit more french.  They don't believe in shortening in this country so I couldn't make a pie.  And we had some friends bring cheese and crackers for appitezers.  That was on top of the coconut/garlic/lemon shrimp Aliya cooked.

It was a great night.  We had about ten people over to share in the festivities.  Aliya had about four people she had met and subsequently introduced me to, and the other five were from our orientation group or friends of theirs they introduced us too.  I have a good solid group of people here in France.  I am incredibly thankful for that.

It is going to be really weird next semester when half of them go back home.  I've spent so much time getting to know them, doing things with them, and they are going to up and leave.  Seriously? How is that fair.  But what should I expect.... It is france.

Speak of, semi-good news!  We got confirmation from the gas company that we have an account with them.  I think that means that I can finally open up my bank account.  If that happens that means I can get a metro card and a black berry!  To have internet on my phone again!  (Wow... I just realized how that sounded...) But if that happens, I might finally be able to call France home.  I'll have a European bank card, a cell phone and a transit pass.  Only two and a half months later...

C'est la vie!

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