Friday, November 12, 2010

Disneyland Paris

Yesterday Maddy, Nicki and I went to Disneyland.  It was like stepping into a weird twilight zone-esque version of Anaheim.  We took the RER train there, which drops you off right across from their version of Downtown Disney, what they call Disney Village.  It even has some of the same stores.  There was a rainforest café and a Planet Hollywood.

We didn't buy our tickets ahead of time so we had to go and get some.  We were just going to do the one park one day ticket (there are actually two parks at Disneyland Paris, regular Disneyland and then Walt Disney Studios park).  Literally as we were walking up to the counter to buy our ticket, a young man, probably no more than twenty-one asked us if we wanted to buy his tickets.  He was selling three park hopper passes for fifty Euros each.  Basically it would allow us to go in between both parks, when ever we wanted, and it was eighteen euros cheaper than what the park was selling.  We were a little skeptical, but we bought them anyway.   They were amazing.

Because we got those tickets, we were able to go through all of both parks, or at least the parts we wanted to see.  We started in Disneyland, going clockwise.  Our first ride was the Haunted Mansion.  We then got fast passes for Big Thunder Mountain and ate.  After we got done with lunch, it was time for our fast passes.  Except the weather sucked.  Because it was raining, they shut down BTM for a while.  They said we could come back later though and our fast passes would still be good.  So we went on to Indiana Jones et le Temple de Peril.  It isn't at all like the Indiana Jones back in D-land CA.  This one is a proper roller coaster.  And it goes upside down.  The loop in this ride came out of no where.  They semi hid the track so you had no idea that it was coming up.

After we finished on that side of the park, we skipped through Fantasyland (we knew we were going to come back that night) and headed over to Tomorrowland (which the French call Discoveryland... lame right?).  We waited about forty minutes in the downpour to go onto Space Mountain.  It was worth it.  Space Mountain is by far the best ride in Disneyland.  It has one of those launch starts and goes upside down three times.

After Space Mountain, we headed over to Walt Disney Studios.  It was raining pretty hard and all of our feet were wet.  None of us had rain boots, or really rain appropriate shoes of any kind.  So we were kind of miserable.  Our outerwear was starting to leak through too.  We almost decided that after going on Tower of Terror that we would just go.

So we headed over to the Tower and saw the line.  It was fifty minutes long, so we headed over to Rockin Roller Coaster to get a fast pass and then got in line at the Tower of Terror.  To get our minds off the weather/our squishy feet Nicki, Maddy and I played stupid word games that were a lot of fun.  We also just talked and caught up even more.  That is exactly why I like Disneyland.  And three or four people is the perfect number to go with.  Everyone gets to do a little bit of what they want, no one is being left out.  It just works out well.

The line wasn't that bad and we made it on.  Then headed over for our Fast passes at Rockin Roller Coaster.  Despite it breaking down literally right before we got launched into the ride, we were having a fun time.  We eventually got on and had a blast.  What's better is that by the time we got out of that ride, the rain had stopped.  It was about seven so the park was closing.  We had to go back to Disneyland anyway.  We still hadn't gone on BTM or done Fantasyland.

So we did just that.  We went on BTM (sooooo awesome) and then to Fantasyland.  The rain kicked up a little tiny bit, so we got dinner at a Pinocchio themed restaurant.  I forgot to say that the park was already dressed up for Christmas, so it was really festive.  We got to listen to Christmas carols while eating.  Also, something else that was awesome... the food prices weren't super ridiculously high.  It was only ten euros for a burger, fries, drink and a dessert.  That would have been double at D-land, CA.

After we knocked out Fantasyland, we headed back over to Space Mountain.  Since the parade was going on, we literally walked onto it.  We rode it twice.  I love that ride...

However, all of that did make me realize how much I miss my warm CA and the Disneyland I grew up knowing.  I am really looking forward to getting back to SB and road tripping down to Anaheim with my friends.  I've already talked to one and she is 100% in.

But it is true, Disneyland (no matter what country it's in) is the Happiest Place on Earth.

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