Sunday, November 14, 2010

Je deteste les dimanches

Sundays in Paris are really boring.  Especially in the winter.  I don't quite know exactly why, but the French have some sort of moral opposition to doing anything on Sundays.  Now I'm all for relaxing and taking it easy on the weekend, but when their week day starts somewhere between 9:00AM and 10:00AM and they take two hours off for lunch and still close by 5:00PM I take umbrage at the fact that NOTHING is open on Sundays.

If the weather was nice I don't think I would mind as much.  But lately the weather has been cold and rainy.  If it was just cold I could deal.  I've come to a new realization that I absolutely hate the rain.  It just makes everything so annoying.  You are never comfortable walking around in it.  Plus with everyone and their mother carrying umbrellas around there is no space to walk on the sidewalks.

Tonight is Nicki and Maddy's last night in Paris.  I have had so much fun with them, I'm really sad to see them go.  I feel like I haven't gotten to do that much with them though.  The one thing they have been doing is cooking though.  They said they really wanted to cook, so in the last week, they made this really good Egyptian pasta lentil dish and some of the best French Onion soup I have ever tasted.  Tonight they are making some Thai food.  If it's anything like what they cooked for me before, then I am super excited.

After dinner tonight, we are going to go see Boyce Avenue in concert.  They are a group that does mainly acoustic guitar/piano covers of pop songs.  My friend Jessica showed me this group my freshman year of college and I've been hooked since.  I'm really excited to go to this concert.

But it is still a Sunday.  And it may just be that I have my law class Monday mornings at 8:00AM, but I really don't like Sundays.  I always end up feeling that weird empty unaccomplished feeling right in the middle of my chest.  It always goes away on Monday, but it always comes on Sunday.  I think I'm going to do my best to get my courses next week not to be on Mondays.  Or at least not until Monday afternoons.

Until then I guess I just have to figure out how to get through this!

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