Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Parc Asterix

What is more fun than going to an amusement park with your friends?  My favorite memories at Disneyland are with friends, same with 6 Flags and Knotts Berry Farm.  So I thought it would be a good idea to go to a french theme park for Halloween.  I mean, they Parisians don't really do that much on Halloween anyway, so I figured it would be a fun way to spend it.

But then again, I should have remembered this is France.  And nothing in this country is ever as simple as it seems.

We started our journey off at 2:30 on Sunday.  We all met up at the trainstation.  We needed to take the RER line, which is the line that takes you out into the suburbs.  From there we would have to take a bus from Charles de Gualle airport over to the park.  Simple right?

Nope.  Getting to Charles de Gualle wasn't hard.  We made it in the twenty five minutes the website said it would take to get there.  But once there, life descended into chaos.  From what I can tell, the French aren't really good about queing.  My friends and I were standing in the line to get the bus ticket, and every time a new train arrived, a bunch of teenage french kids would just run up to the front.  We were all kind of getting annoyed, but what ever, we got our ticekts.

Then we had to go stand outside and wait for the bus.  For what ever reason, the Parc Asterix people thought that one bus every thirty minutes would be enough to transport the masses of people from the airport to the park.  They were wrong.  We waited in that line for an hour and we still weren't going to get on a bus.  What was worse is that every time a new bus would arrive, masses of people would rush to it and start banging on the windows.  My friend commented it that it was reminiscent of the last bus' leaving New Orleans before Katrina.  And reallly... she wasn't that far off.  It was ridiculous.  And we were only going to a theme park!

So we just decided to screw it and we got a cab.  We sold our bus tickets to people in line and we headed off to terminal three to find a cab.  Since there were so many of us, we had to split into two.  Five in one, and five in the other.  But it was worth it.  About ten euros later, we were at the park.  We even worked out with one of the cab drivers that he would come back and take us to Charles de Gualle that night so we didn't have to freak about getting back to Paris.

The time at the park was a lot of fun.  There was probably a billion people there.  It was great people watching though.  And some of the people in our group I hadn't met before so it was nice getting to know them.  We only got on about three or four rides in our five hours at the park, but it was still really fun.  I was just glad we went on the roller-coaster.  And of course, we had to end the night with a haunted maze.  I was legitimately spooked.

And then came time to go home.  Like I said, we had worked it out with the cab driver to come pick us up.  Unfortunately we had to wait around for his friend to come to pick up the other half of the group.  And the meter was running.  Needless to say, we were not too happy.  And to make matters worse, two girls in our group just ditched us and decided to take the bus, leaving fewer people to pay for the cab.  I was livid.  But it all ended up working out.  And we may have told them we didn't get back into the town causing them to worry.... I know... it was mean, but it was just a little halloween fun (right?).

All I know  is that I want to go back to the park when 1. it isn't 40 degrees and 2. there will be fewer people there.

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