Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Le weekend dernier

So as I figured, I wasn't able to get on and blog about what I was up to with Anni.  For those of you who don't know who Anni is, I worked with her at the VC last summer.  She also lived on the floor below me my freshman year in Santa Cruz (although I didn't meet her until last summer).

Wednesday night I met her at the metro closest to my house, then we went straight to the Michael Bublé concert.  And my god... what a concert.  We got there about fifteen minutes into the opening act, who were brilliant.  It was the same group that opened for him when I saw him my senior year of high school, but they had gotten a LOT better.  It was a group of seven guys who were doing all acapella stuff.   After they finished, there was a twenty minute break and then Michael came out.  Our seats were fantastic.  We paid for the cheapest seats (fifty-one euros), but they were directly in front of the stage, probably a hundred and fifty yards away.  I'll be posting my pictures/videos as soon as I can.

That concert was exactly what I wanted/needed.  It was one of those refreshing my soul is complete moments.  I've had a few of them since being here.

Anyway, on Thursday I had to go do my normal stuff.  I had class in the morning, came back, left for my afternoon class and then came back.  I had choir that night, so I wasn't sure what she was going to do.  But turns out she is awesome.  She was completely fine just hanging out in the apartment until I got back.  Actually, we had gone to the store earlier so when I texted her saying I was leaving rehearsal she started cooking fajitas!  I had mexican food here in France.  You have no idea how much I miss it.

On Friday we started our touristy stuff.  We did the Louvre, went over to the Eiffel tower and walked around the city.  I took her to show her SciencesPo too.  That night was my friends' Brendan and Atika's joint birthday party.  We sat upstairs having some drinks (I got my diet pepsi... don't worry), and ended the night down on the dance floor.

Saturday we went to the Musée Rodin.  I feel like saying it was gorgeous is both repetitive and not fully accurate.  The gardens in the museum were full of trees changing colors.  It was raining early that morning, so the air had that nice crisp feeling to it.  It wasn't too cold either.  After the museum we went to the 5th for food.  Then we walked to Notre Dame.  In the cathedral we heard a choir singing traditional Gregorian church music.  Another one of those soul recharging moments.  After the church, we tried to get to the catacombs.  They literally closed one minute before we got there...  That night we walked up halfway to the Eiffel tower.  I hadn't taken the stairs up before.  For someone who is afraid of heights it was a bit freaky... but I'm really glad we made it.  We got there just after the sun had set, so the sky was full of oranges and reds and blues.  After that, we took a cruise on the Seine.  Now that I wrote all that down, it would have been the most romantic date ever... haha too bad there are some obstacles preventing that.

After our long day of sight-seeing, we were starving.  Anni really wanted to go to a traditional french restaurant, but I didn't really know of any.  And then it hit me.  I did!  There is a bistro up close to my apartment that Aliya and I went into the first day we moved in.  I had the best chicken ever then so I figured that we would try that place.  So glad we did.  It is the most perfect stereotypical french place.  The prices are super reasonable and the food is out of this world.  They are french portions, but you do not leave there hungry.

Sunday morning we were going to try to go back to the catacombs.  It was halloween after all...  Turns out a lot of other people had that same idea.  We didn't want to wait in a three hour line to get into them, so instead we headed off to the Champs Elysée.  We did some window shopping and ended up going to Laudrée, a really famous bakery.  They make the best macaroons in the world.  Or so I've been told.  Anni's friend who had been to Paris before asked if she could pick her up some.  So we did.  Then we had to go back to the apartment, drop the stuff off and get ready for our night going to Parc Asterix!

Parc Asterix... oh my.  That's going to have to be a post in it of itself.

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