Tuesday, October 26, 2010

On a cassé

This morning I had to go meet my partner for my debate tomorrow.  She is probably the exact opposite of my first partner.  She is really laid back.  I had to ask her when she wanted to meet.  She was even fifteen minutes late this morning.  (It's ok, I actually was pretty happy she was late.  It meant she was a normal human being instead of some crazy SciencesPo Zombie).

Anyway, I got to the main hall today at 11AM.  It was thirty-nine degrees outside.  I don't do thirty-nine degrees.  The coldest I can ever remember it getting in SB is forty.  It is going to be a long and hard winter... But there is good news.  My roommate and I decided that in order to save money we were going to try to wait until November to turn on the radiators...  We broke down.  We turned them on tonight.

I've never had a radiator before.  It is kind of a cool thing!  The water gets heated and then sent through pipes into each individual room.  In the room you can say how much heat you want by either opening or closing the knob that allows the hot water to flow through.

The one downside is the price.  We have no idea how much electricity and gas cost in this country.  My biggest fear is going to be some outrageous 500 Euro gas/electricity bill at the end of the month.  So we are only leaving the radiators on for an hour at a time.  We pretty much go until we can't feel our outermost extremities and then we turn on the heat.  So far it seems to be working okay.

It probably would have helped though if I hadn't gone to the dry cleaners and given them all of my cashmere and my big heavy black jacket.  I will be without those until Friday...  God, I'm looking forward to Friday.  Nothing like freshly clean SUPER warm and even softer sweaters.  I think with those sweaters and my scarves I should be fine.  Oh, and I am really excited because a good friend told me that she would hand knit me a long scarf.  How cool is that?!

On another note, my friend Anni, who is studying in Brighton, UK is coming to visit me tomorrow.  We are going to see Michael Bublé in concert!  We don't really have many other plans, but we might go to an amusement park this weekend for halloween.  It just depends on when she is leaving.  That being said, I might not have a lot of time to write on here while she is here.  I'll catch up when I have time next week!

Let's just hope I don't freeze until Friday.

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