Saturday, October 9, 2010

Tout c'est parfait

I spent the first night in the apartment last night.  It was wonderful.

I'm sure that you are all dying for pictures so here is a link to my photoalbum with them. All you have to do is copy and paste the link and it should allow you to see the 22 pictures I took of my new amazing apartment.

Today was a day that I could just lay low.  I got up pretty late, around 12:30.  I was up late last night working on this project with my insane tyrant for a partner.  I understand why he was so anxious to get this done, but honestly in the words of my brother, he just needed to take a knee, drink some water, and calm the f*** down.  I know that SciencesPo is the best Political Science school in Europe, and that 61% of all Prime Ministers of France came from this school, but really?  I am an exchange student struggling to understand this new country and he gets on my case about not having done my stuff four days before the project is due?  

Anyway, after my shower, Aliya and I walked around and tried to get some lunch.  We ended up eating at this perfectly stereotypical french bar/restaurant.  It was old and quaint and they made the best fried chicken I have ever tasted.  And I couldn't even finish the mashed potatoes.  I guess I've become accustomed to French portions.  

After that, we headed over to Monoprix, a major grocery store chain, where we got all of the foods that we were going to share.  You know, we got the essentials like the 1 kilo jar of Nutella, eggs, pain au chocolat.  The basics.

Then we kind of just headed back to the apartment.  I was able to fully unpack everything and really get moved in.  I set up my desk so I feel like I have a little office.  It is probably the greatest feeling ever.  I finally have my OWN space.  I am not a guest in anyone's house, I don't have to worry about bothering my host family.  I am in my own place.  And the way it is set up, Aliya's room is at the far end of the apartment so she isn't bothered by my music and vice-versa.  

For dinner tonight, we were  going to go over to Picard, a store that sells only frozen food, and get some stuff to cook here.  But we stumbled across a bakery who was selling a sandwich, a drink and a dessert for 5 euros.  And OH MY GOD.  The sandwhich, just plain ham and cheese with butter was amazing.  This country doesn't really like adding butter, so it was great tasting it.  And then the dessert...  I got a strawberry tart with whipped cream.  It was the best thing I've tasted since being in this country.  It was JUST like strawberry shortcake.  

But by far the best part of dinner was where we ate it.  We ate on our terrace.  The land lords left a table with two chairs out there so we could use it whenever we wanted too.  We ate, watching the people walk five stories below while the sun was setting.  It was a scene right out of a movie.  

I think I'm in love... 

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