Thursday, October 21, 2010

Quelques Nouveles

I feel like I haven't written on here in a long time.  I guess the last time I talked about la vie quotidian it was before Scotland.

I knew that I would feel like this now though.  I have successfully completed six presentations in the six weeks I have been here in classes.  And by successfully I don't mean I did well (I actually haven't gotten grades on any of them).  I simply mean that I did them.  And that in it of itself is a success...

And after deciding to change the course that nearly gave me an ulcer to Pass/No Pass, I am really starting to see life beyond SciencesPo.  I am in love with my apartment, I couldn't have a better roommate (well maybe except Axel), I am starting my week of concerts (Michael Bublé next Wednesday, this crazy Sweedish chick I haven't heard of on the second, and Justin Nozuka with my frined Julie on Nov. 4).  I only have two more presentations to do, only one of which requires me to speak.  I have my carte de séjour.  I still don't quite have my bank account fully functional, nor a good cell phone, but those will soon come.

This weekend I will be spending in the library (at least Saturday) working on my midterm paper for my Social History of the US course.  I really like that class.  Although my professor asks random questions that I feel like I should know beucase I'm American.  It's kind of embarrassing how little contemporary history I know.  If you ask me about how our government functions, I can go on and on, but if you asked me about major social movements and their ideologies.... not so much.  I guess that's a good thing that I'm taking this class.

On Sunday, I will be cooking dinner for my first host family.  Michele, Georgiana, Jerome and maybe Lucas will be coming over here.  As of now, the menu is going to be be burgers and fries (I found hamburger buns and cheddar cheese!) and a dessert of strawberry shortcake.  If I can't find whipped cream for the short cake, I'm gonna just rely on good ole Ben&Jerry's cookie dough.  They told me they had never tried it so I think it is as good a time as any!

I've also discovered something interesting about this city.  Since I live so far from the city center, I've realized that I've kind of been creating the soundtrack to my life here.  I have a few playlists on my iPod, and depending on what my mood is, I choose one to listen too.  Already, some of the songs are inextricably linked to emotions and memories here.  And the French do look at you strange if you mouth the words on the metro.  I've decided to keep doing it to see if I can get them to break that stoic look that every Parisian seems to have mastered.  It's like they are looking at you, but right through you.  It's kind of freaky.

But I'm starting to warm up to this city.  Which is a bit ironic considering the temperature outside.  But all in all, now that I've taken the stress of the grades away I can see why people would be jealous of me living here.  And now I can start to see exactly what I've been missing out all this time.

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