Friday, October 8, 2010


So i moved into the apartment today.  I knew that it was going to be a long day, but I didn't quite know how long...

We (Aliya and I) were supposed to meet César, the real-estate agent at 10:30AM to go over the inventory and to sign some more papers.  Perfect!  Except for the fact that last night I was supposed to have finished my part of this presentation and sent it to my partner. Little did I know my partner was a grinding tool.  He messages me today saying that if he didn't get my part of the presentation by midnight then he would go tell the prof that he was doing the presentation by himself.  Now, in fairness he has done a fair bit more than I have.  But in my defense, 1. I barely speak French 2. I was moving apartments and 3. the presentation isn't due until Monday.

Anyway, so I had that to stress about.  I was up pretty late doing some reading for that presentation.  So naturally, sleepy A.J. this morning hit snooze until 9:45.  I was out the door by 10:07, but since my second host family was on the exact opposite side of paris from where I was moving, it was going to take me longer to get here than I had.  Thankfully, Aliya was there and met the real estate agent.

And oh my god.  What an apartment.  Like really, I can't describe it.  I am going to try do to do a virtual tour of it.  But the area is amazing, a five minute walk from the metro, two minutes from three grocery stores, not to mention an amazing tapas restaurant thats super cheap.  Tomorrow, since I have decided to not do any school work, I am going out exploring!  And then it's off to a friend's birthday party.  But just being here, in my own space has made this country that much more amazing.

I think the weather helped too.  For the last three days it has felt like those perfect summer days when the nights were as warm as the days.  I hope this keeps up a little while longer.  I love the sun and didn't realize how much I missed it!

Although sweater weather does look pretty good on me!

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