Friday, September 24, 2010

Je suis un prof?

So I had my second tutoring session today.  Well I guess I had my first and my second session.   The incredibly nice woman who interviewed me hired me to help both her son and her husband learn/work on their english.  I had my first lesson with he husband today and the second with her son and his friend.

I'll talk about her husband's lesson first.  Today, Aliya and I had an appointment to see a flat in the 2nd.  We were both about 10 min late and by the time we got there the real-estate agent had left.  This was at 11.  I had the lesson at 1 in an area I didn't really know and still had to run home, get lunch, grab my computer and find the place.  Only problem was that it took me a lot longer to get home than I thought.  I scarfed down my crepe and headed out.  I knew which metro stop I needed so that wasn't bad.

I got off at Chateau D'Eau and walked down Rue Strasbourg.  That was the wrong street.  And also, I think I've found out where all of the French Africans live.  Literally every other store was a black beauty salon.  My favorite store was Afro Afrique.  Anyway, I had to go into one of said shops and ask directions because I was hopelessly lost.  Luckily the lady was super nice and she told me where to go.

Once I found the building, I realized I had another problem.  I had no way of contacting Philippe.  I didn't have his cell number.  All I knew was his office address, but not where in the building it was.  Luckily his e-mail was on my comp, which I had with me.  I saw the name of his company and found it on the marquis.  StuidoBleu.  I walk up to the first floor and ask them if Philippe is there.

Turns out Philippe works in a recording studio.  From what I gathered he is in charge of the sound proofing of the studio.  It was awesome!  We had the lesson in a recording studio!  With microphones and all!  It was sooo cool.  I heard people singing and instruments and all!

Anyway, in the lesson, we talked about what he wanted to get out of the lessons and then we talked about Paris.  His english is really good, but he sounds like those foreign guys on family guy that have been in the US just long enough to almost sound American.  I made some little corrections like, railroad tracks are 200 meters wide, not that they make 200 meters. Little things.

In the lesson this afternoon with the kids, I had them write a story.  I told them to use as many adjectives as possible.  I think from this point on I need to give them a vocab sheet.  And have a theme for the lesson.  But then I dictated the words to John Mayer's "Waiting on the World to Change" and had them underline all of the adjectives and circle all of the contractions.  I probably should have made sure he used adjectives...  At least I know what I can do next week!

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